Don’t go
I wish
Sweet Friend
Las Vegas
Midsummer raving
D is dead

Claudio Lapenna – piano, keyboards, vocals.
Dario Lastella
– guitars, programming, vocals.
Franco Bussoli – bass.
Paolo De Santis – vocals.

Elena Ricci – vocals.
Luca Tilli – cello.

A collection of old and new songs written through these years and re-arranged and re-recorded nowadays. There’s a whole life between “Don’t go” (written in 2005) and “Sweet Friend” (written in 1993)!

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Don’t go
(Words & Music by Dario Lastella)

You used to carry me on your shoulders,
I used to spend with you every day,
But time passed out and you got older,
Meanwhile your child became a man.

You helped me to face my problems,
You showed me ways to find the truth,
I shared with you my happy moments,
But now I can’t stand losing you.

Ooh father don’t go, Please don’t go.

I’ve always thought you were my hero,
I thought you’ll never leave me alone,
But time has changed what’s in your mirror
And now you say you have to go.

But memory can face the time,
Outruns the death, it’s like a flood,
So you’ll keep on living in the eyes
Of this little boy you’ve always loved.

Ooh father don’t go, Please don’t go.

I wish
(Words & Music by Dario Lastella)

I wish I were the petal of a flower
Which runs down your cheek and skims your neck.
I wish I were the sun which lies on your skin,
I would caress your shoulder, I would not let you freeze.

I wish my eyes lightened up with you.
I wish I smelt your scent, oh it’s true!
I wish I felt your heartbeat going through me.
I wish I were not afraid to say what I feel.

I wish I were the roof of your room
To shelter you when you sleep, to stay with you.
I wish I were the glass to be skimmed by your fingers,
To be held by your hand, to die on your lips.

I wish I had the voice
To cry to the world how much I love you.
I wish I had the heart
To say you how much I need you.
I wish I gave you everything,
Everything I have.
I wish, I wish, I wish…
I wish you were glad.

(Words & Music by Dario Lastella)

I feel alright Walking under this steel sky,
Neon lights turn the world to white,
Creeping slightly blisters rise.
But it’s time I change my shoes,
Disease always starts from the roots,
I have to wear something new,
But I cannot wear my new boots.

Blisters cover my skin.
Blisters cover my skin.
Blisters cover my skin.
Blisters cover my skin.

I don’t know why when I feel alone
Everybody’s happy and nobody phones,
Gotta change again my clothes,
But I need a new pair of gloves.
There are blisters that cover my pains,
I’ve got blisters on my left hand,
They always come back again,
They’re always faithful friends.

Yes I’ve got Blisters cover my skin.
Blisters cover my feet.
Blisters cover my hands.
Blisters cover my fingers.
Blisters cover my pain.
Blisters cover my heart.
Blisters cover my mind.
Blisters cover my soul.
Should I care?

Sweet Friend
(Words & Music by Dario Lastella)

The smell of the wet grass
After a rainy night,
Your eyes so sad
Have no tears to cry.
You feel alone,
He’s not by your side,
He was so strong,
The sun shone high.
But one day a dark angel
Flew on your head,
You felt a shiver so strange,
The shiver of the death.
No love, no hope anymore,
No feelings left.
Deep in your heart
Nothing, only death.

Ooh Sweet Friend,
Ooh Sweet Friend,
All the dreams disappeared
Like a castle of sand by the sea.
In your heart an empty space
Which no one can fill.

The light of a sweet memory
Blows in your eyes,
The sun was setting slowly
He was by your side.
A walk in the park
Hand in hand,
You were covered by stars,
You were safe with your man.
But the memory fades
Like an old snapshot
That dissolves in your veins
And keeps on rending your heart.
Like is a muddle
Of dreams and hopes,
But if someone brings too near the candle
He can break the stretched rope.

Ooh Sweet Friend.
Ooh Sweet Friend.
Will someone someday
Pick up your tears?
Will all these black clouds
On your head disappear?
But if you feel alone,
Friends will be near.
But if you feel alone,
Friends will be near.

(Words by Dario Lastella, Music by Dario Lastella and Claudio Lapenna)

Rain, heavy rain soaks my coat,
All around is going moist,
All the wet men are on their own.
Roads, all the cars are on the road,
Chasing just a place to go,
All the drivers are on their own.

Man, I’m not the man I used to be,
Too many things have changed around me
And many other things inside of me.
Girls, every girl I try to love,
Every one who said me no,
Just few of them are on their own.

Tell me what, tell me true,
Tell me what I feel for you.
Tell me why, tell me true,
Tell me why I feel so blue.

How can be hard to pass an examination
And I get more complication
To get out this situation.
Responsibilities get me on the floor,
This is the price to pay to grow,
I’d like to be on my own.

Tell me kindly, tell me please,
Tell me what about me.
Tell me slowly, tell me please,
Tell me if you love me.
Ooh do you love me?

When all you can hear are your steps
And the drops of rain,
When you’re the only passenger
On an empty train which is always late,
You can watch your eyes
Straight to the mirror you’re passing by
And all you can see it’s just how I feel.
I feel a loser!

Time, it’s no time to make a change,
There’s a time which looks too strange,
There’s no time I get a chance.
Sea, I’m walking just seaside,
Rolling waves sound inside,
Old and tired gulls start to fly.

You, I don’t even know your name,
I don’t know who’s to blame,
But don’t worry it’s O.K., just the same.
Home, I just want to come back home,
I want someone I call home,
But when I’m back I’m alone!

Tell me now, tell me please,
Tell me what is wrong with me.
Tell me why, tell me please,
Tell me why you don’t love me.
Why don’t you love me?

When you take a guitar
And start to play and sing this song,
Or just when you stop to listen
Carefully its words,
You can hear my voice,
You can hear it behind this noise,
And all you can hear is just how I feel.
I feel a loser!
I feel a loser!

When you’re down, when you touch ground,
When everything goes bad all around,
When inside of you, you can’t hear no sound,
Don’t worry, raise your head,
Things can’t get worst, go ahead,
Try to not feel like you’re a failure.
Even you feel a loser, like me!

Las Vegas
(Words & Music by Dario Lastella)

I walked through this desert for so many days,
I walked till I just couldn’t feel my feet,
But now I have found, I’ve found my place,
Now I come to the city of dreams.
Tonight a playmate will marry with me,
She is the widow of an old tycoon.
An Elvis’ clone will be blessing our rings.
In Las Vegas everybody’s cool,
Be a part of this neon-lighted dream.

I surfed in this guilty world for years
Through silky sheets and surgeons’ rooms,
Till I knew a man so old and rich,
I eased his pains, he left me his goods.
But now I’ve found my real love,
His eyes shone bright with slot machines.
An Elvis’ clone will be joining our souls.
I’m a part of this neon-lighted dream,
In Las Vegas, the heart of the world.

Las Vegas…

Midsummer raving
(Words & Music by Dario Lastella) 

The ghosts of my happiest days are dancing in front of me
Like hazy shadows on a screen of an old cinema.
I can see the faces that let me feel at home,
I can hear the music that makes me feel not alone.

The stars of a quiet midsummer night caress my eyes,
The sound of my guitar resounds inside.
I hear my song faraway softly breathing,
Your voices make it live.

Ooh shadows from my past please don’t desert me,
Keep on burn the fire, please keep me warm.
Ooh midsummer raving, you let me free.
Friends, please, don’t leave me alone.

The sun on the horizon is almost to rise,
The wind skims the flowers and let their petals fly.
The morning sun shines throughout the dew,
Another day begins, another day without you.

And I remember when we were together,
When we ran headlong through the stormy weather.
Memories from the past now are running,
My soul calms down and inside my fire stops burning.

Ooh shadows from my past can you hear me?
I can feel your shiver shaking my bones.
Ooh midsummer raving, forgive me please,
The stars shine on, tonight I feel alone.

Now the shadows disappear,
You’re far away from me, but you’re all parts of my soul.
Memories are fading and I touch the fear,
You’ll always stay with me, but I’ll be alone.
My friends.

D is dead
(Words & Music by Dario Lastella)

Shiny shadows, thrown on a cloudy afternoon,
D is dead, they’ve found him too late.
The tolling bell is smothered by a cry,
That woman believed in him, she’ll die soon too.
D won’t be at school tomorrow, do you care?
We gotta find another one to crib the homework.
We gotta buy a wreath for his tomb, but I have no money.
We gotta go to his funeral, but I have no time.

D is dead, he committed suicide,
Turn on your T.V., maybe they’re speaking about him.
Look at those boys who are crying for him,
I didn’t know he had some friends.
Look at the priest who is asking for money,
He stopped asking why D is dead and now is late.
Look at all this people, they’re wearing their gladrags,
Well, it’s the main event this year!

All the people are walking quietly.
You feel up your spine the rhythm of the funeral drum.
Someone is crying, someone believed in him,
Someone loved him, someone spoke with him yesterday.
Someone saw him catching the bus,
Nobody saw him crying, why did he died?

He died ‘cause he thought men were good,
But he saw the evil that men can do.
He died ‘cause his mind hasn’t borne
The lifesick that shattered his soul.
He didn’t know how love is,
But his heart needed love so much.
He drowned in her mild eyed
And he’s dead loveless and crying!

People, people, please hear me!
Leave your hateful wallets, let your souls dance free!
Share your pie with your neighbour,
Be ashamed of your behaviour.
My friends, please gather my songs,
Let me express how I feel alone.
Let my guitar vibrate again,
Let me sing wherever I am.
My love you let me live,
You let me die, you let me feel.
You gave a meaning to my empty life,
Without you, it’s better die,

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