Behind the wings of the butterfly – Inside Morpho Nestira. (6)

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6. Learning to communicate.
Again the conversation between Mr Pussyman and Pandora: the boss introduces his “assistant in castings” who will examine the girl, while she shows her “arguments”…
On the left channel of your hifi you can hear an Asiatic TV shop, while at the center there’s someone who lights a cigarette: we’re in a Night Club and Learning to Communicate begins.


The music fits the environment and the lyrics are about the new world where human relationships are interfaced by a keyboard and a monitor. Then you can hear a failed call to an unavailable mobile phone number and the “progger” part of the song begins.
Lyrics get more ironic “…we can have sex for weeks, all safe behind the screen, but we will never meet!”.
The song ends with a boy calling a hotline…
“…Press 1 for women, press 2 for men, press 3 for trans, press 4 for transvestites, press 5 for horses, cats or dogs (!!!)…”.
But unfortunately the boy presses the wrong key “Hi, how’re you doing baby? My name’s Armando…”. The boy (starred by Oriol Malonda) hangs up insulting Armando…


– No, really… Do you know someone we would press the key 5???


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