Behind the wings of the butterfly – Inside Morpho Nestira. (10)

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10. Morpho Nestira Part 2.
Morpho Nestira Part 1 describes the environment where the butterfly born. Morpho Nestira Part 2 is a musical journey in the life of the butterfly.
After the Introduzione, the young larva begins its development slowly with a soft jazzy piano (Primo Movimento).
The larva is growing up faster and the final metamorphosis is closer: the music goes in a crescendo with the whole band in (Secondo Movimento).
But something goes wrong and metamorphosis takes other direction (Epilogo).
Tempo is syncopated and driven by triplets. There’s no harmony: the butterfly is now an aggressive and odd monster that fits perfectly in the outer environment (Epilogo is the only section from Part 2 with the same chord sequence found on Part 1).
Rainforest sounds are the background noise beyond the march of the new Morpho Nestira.
When the music is over you can listen a (real!) fragment from the Spanish News Channel about a medical technique to erase the memories we don’t want anymore:
“What if this technique would develop as the surgery for our mind? What if we would begin to erase people after a love delusion? How would they live this option?
We’ll be back in 20 minutes at 8, 7 o’clock in the Canary Islands…”


Even our mind and our memories now are goods!

– What time is it in the Canary Islands when it’s 7 o’clock in London?


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