Behind the wings of the butterfly – Inside Morpho Nestira. (1)

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I googled “if – Morpho Nestira” and I found a lot of entries about our album: websites where you can buy it, where you can stream it, where you can download it (even illegally!) or where it’s reviewed.
I would like to say “thank you” to everyone who spent time listening to our music and writing about it… it’s great to discover that our music is getting a growing interest.
Unfortunately reviewers usually just talk about music and technical stuff as production or “they sound like…” and that’s great, because first of all we’re musicians and Morpho Nestira is a “musical product”…
But I think that music is not just melodies, production and technique.
We always try to get in touch with listeners, to share some thoughts with real people and to listen to the opinions of everyone.
You may already know that Morpho Nestira is a concept album about materialism, but some reviewer got slightly confused with the message (and someone got annoyed with the inserts among the tracks).
The main problem could be that we choose multilingual speech, so I’m afraid some key could be lost converting the spoken parts in useless fillers…

Let’s start a trip behind if’s Morpho Nestira music to find these keys. I hope that this read could be interesting for you and that could be the beginning of a new dialogue with people who listened (and hopefully appreciated) our album.

1. You need.
People are getting in a Machine: there’s always someone who tells you what you need, who tells you what you want, who can satisfy your new needs. All you have to do is converting yourself in another wheel of the Machine, selling your Time (and possibly your soul) to satisfy your greed.
But how do the Machine works? Let’s have a listen to the intro of “You need”.


You can listen to some TV program, it’s some TV sales, but you can hear mostly the bank employee (performed by Zaida Perez who at that time actually worked in a bank) who is selling you a mortgage.
“Mr Muñoz. All we can offer you is 40-years mortgage with a monthly growing fee. You have to consider that if you want to make a complete or a partial repayment of your mortgage you’ll pay an extra fee”.

Then the song begins… Welcome to the Machine!
– Which if’s song from “The Stairway” is played backwards in this insert?
– Dario imitates the guitar playing of a “fallen angel” of the 90s’ in the very first seconds of the song. This artist committed suicide, maybe because he satisfied just false needs… Who’s this artist?


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