Stendhal Syndrome

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Il prossimo 21 aprile verrà pubblicato il nostro MMXX. Nel frattempo questo è il video di Stendhal Syndrome fatto usando anche l’intelligenza artificiale di kaiber.ai.

Next friday 04-21 MMXX will be officially released. Meanwhile this is the video of Stendhal Syndrome made also using AI kaiber.ai.

Blinding light. Visual ecstasy.

I, I need a vision of an angel by my side,
floating in the waves deep down in my darkest mind.
Will you dive deep there with me?
Don’t speak, just smile, hold my chain.
Stendhal syndrome melts my brain.
Blinding light. Visual ecstasy.

You, beautiful picture exposed in a crowded room,
my pure idea of beauty, I begin to swoon.
What are you doing to me?
My eyes get blind down in my cave.
Stendhal syndrome. I’m your slave.

Blinding light. Visual ecstasy.

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